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09/07/2015 09:16

"Don't Worry, Be Happy"

Remember the song in the 90's with a Reggae beat, "Don't Worry, Be Happy?" It always would uplift me before I began work everyday.

We need to turn from being "fear based" to being "faith based".

In a world full of economic strife, and people struggling to "keep up with the Jone's", a world full of various, popular, technological gadgets,designer clothing, etc. It is easy to fall into "gotta get me" syndrome. God gives us all we need, and more...we need only to "trust the Good Shepard".
Has worrying ever gotten us anywhere? Has a problem ever been solved when we worry? The Bible asks if it ever added a cubic to a man's life?( All it has ever done for me, is make me sick!)Jesus tells us to look out and look up. Turn to God for all our needs. Jesus illustrates this by making an example of Ravens (a very lowly, basically, "good for nothing" bird) Still, God takes care of this creature and feeds him. The Raven doesn't worry about where his next meal is coming from. He also mentions the beautiful Lily (a common flower which doesn't last very long) The Lily doesn't fret. God clothes it in all its splendor. Jesus asks us, if God cares for the Raven and the Lily, don't you think he will care for man whom he created in His image and likeness? God is the benevolent "Good Shepard" pouring out all that we need and more. He wants us to have the kingdom. He knows what we need before we ask.

This lesson asks us to use wisdom, consider the above, to look out from ourselves and look up. We need to pause in this clamorous world, hear and heed "wisdom's call." Like a herald it is proclaiming for us to get up, get moving,and GIVE! (I've found when I do this, I have little time to spend feeling depressed and worrying about Myself and My problems).

This has been a wonderful, meaningful lesson. When earnestly studied, this lesson wipes out the sin of FEAR. Thank you Lesson Writer!