Testimonies of Healing - July 2013 CornerStone

        I love the book, “Christian Science, Its Clear, Correct Teaching and Complete Writings” by Herbert W. Eustace. I was having a problem with some bleeding in the back of my eye, so I looked up an article on blindness. I studied it very carefully and applied it to myself. I knew God can heal this problem. I held to what Mr. Eustace said about the optic nerve. He states, “All that God is, optic nerve has, and ‘Son, all that I have is thine,’ is the eternal dictum of Mind to its own thought.”

       I was referred to a retina specialist and the doctor could not find any bleeding. I was completely healed. I’m most grateful to Christian Science for this healing and for all the literature and past healings that I’ve received.  - L. S., Illinois


       I came down with a severe case of poison ivy. There were rashes all over my body, and then my face and lips became swollen. I called a Plainfield practitioner for help with this. The practitioner said that nothing has ever touched me but good. She also read a statement from Mary Baker Eddy, “Let unselfishness, goodness, mercy, justice, health, holiness, love — the kingdom of heaven — reign within us, and sin, disease and death will diminish until they finally disappear.” (S&H)

       As I hung up the phone, I thought about that statement — if the kingdom of heaven is within me, there is no room for poison ivy. Then, as I walked back to my desk, I could actually feel the swelling in my face going down! By the time I got to my desk, my face was perfectly normal — it was amazing! The next day I asked for more help with the itching, and in just a very short time, that was all gone, too.

       I am very grateful to God, and the prayers of the practitioner, for this very quick and powerful healing. I’m still in awe of the power of God! Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy and this wonderful Science.  - C. C., New Jersey


       Recently, I bit something hard and felt a sharp pain in one of my teeth. The pain did not let up, so I made an appointment with my dentist. He examined the tooth and pronounced that it would have to be removed. Then, he thought for a moment and said there may be a less drastic fix, if I was willing to try it. He was not confident that it would work, but was willing to try it if I was willing. It seemed like a right idea, so I agreed.

       We made an appointment for it, and as I was leaving, he said, “And I recommend you try prayer. I believe in that.” I was a little stunned to hear that from a dentist, but I thanked him, assured him that I do pray, and told him that I was a practicing Christian Scientist. He immediately responded that his mother also was a Christian Scientist, and that “he believed in that stuff.”

       I went home and prayed to God for help. I worked with the thought that was given to me years ago by our teacher: “My teeth are rooted and grounded in Love.”

       The next day I went back and he tried the less drastic fix. It worked. The pain left and the tooth remained intact. When he finished, he told me that I was very lucky. He was sure that I was going to lose the tooth. I could only smile and thank him. I said that God had answered my prayer. Then I looked squarely at him and told him that he also was an answer to my prayer.

       I’m so grateful that God led me to a dentist who genuinely appreciates the power of prayer. It helps me appreciate the statement by Mrs. Eddy in our textbook (p. 198), “Hence the importance that doctors be Christian Scientists.” And I thank God that He answered my prayer and met my need at that time. - G. S., New Jersey


       Several weeks ago I had a healing of seeing the owner of the company that I work for as obnoxious and controlling to all his employees. When he spoke to anyone, it was in attack mode. Through the prayers of a practitioner in the Plainfield Church, I was healed of seeing him incorrectly and learned to see him as a child of God. I was given statements as, “You work for God,” “God put you in that position and He holds you there,” and “The only thing he can do is to bless you.”

       The practitioner continued to pray, and I saw the owner as a perfect child of God, loving and kind and knowing that God was in control.

       Three weeks ago my boss was on vacation and since I was next in command, I had to work directly with the owner. I prayed every time I needed to speak to him, and the experience was wonderful! He was kind and listened to what I had to say, and we even had a few laughs together. Only God could have healed this situation. This man had been so unpleasant to everyone, and now he is a complete gem. In our last meeting, I was given a compliment by the owner and my boss almost fell off her chair.

       God can and will heal every situation that we experience. I am so grateful that I can call on a Plainfield practitioner, who always turns me to God and every problem turns into a blessing. Thank God for Christian Science.  -S. W., New Jersey


       While reading the Lesson the other day, I was reminded of the wonderful safety that God provides for His children. In the area that I live, there are many summer weekend festivities at nearby towns. When my daughter was a young teenager, she asked if she could go with some friends, with one of the mothers as a chaperone. This was something that those of us that live here all enjoy, so I let her go.

       While she was at the festival I felt a great sense of unease about her safety. At first I passed it off as being paranoid and tried to enjoy watching a TV show without interruptions. The unease just would not go away. I finally listened, began to pray, and kept at it until the discomfort ceased. Later my daughter told me that she was approached by a drunken man in an isolated area of the park. She was alone, frightened, and unable to get away from him. Somehow his wife found them, apologized to my daughter, and literally dragged the man away.

       I am so thankful to God for His persistence in not allowing me to ignore His warning, and for the loving protection He provides for all His children. His arms definitely do encircle and keep us safe.  - C. G., Wisconsin