Testimonies of Healing - May 2013 CornerStone


       Monday morning I was bombarded with interruptions and demands at work and I allowed these intruders to overwhelm me. This used to be the norm, but it no longer felt natural to feel this way. I remembered what was said during the Sunday Roundtable discussion that when we seem to lose our joy, to fight for it with everything we’ve got. So I prayed, I praised God for being God, and I began to count my blessings one by one until I felt the peace of God descend upon me like a dove. It felt as if God was hugging me. I had regained my joy!

       Later the same day a co-worker stopped by my office to chat about a project, and somehow the conversation shifted from work to allergies. She started telling me how bad her allergies are this season. Then she asked me what I’ve been taking to control my allergies, because she noticed that I hadn’t been sneezing this year. You see, for years I suffered from so-called allergies every year beginning in April. My co-worker remembered so well because, for the last eight years, we were miserable together — coughing, sneezing, and itching. It wasn’t until she asked me what I was using that I realize I’d been healed! I knew this was one of the results of regularly calling a practitioner for help. She had given me the verse from Psalm 138, “The Lord will perfect that which concerneth me.” And God has been perfecting everything in my life!

       I continue to be ever grateful to God and to the Plainfield Church, my practitioner, and to all of you.  - L. F., Maryland


       I am very grateful for a recent healing. I had suffered from a severe pain in my joints, and I couldn’t walk. I called a Plainfield practitioner, who went right to work. By midmorning I was able to get around; and by the afternoon, I was free from pain. I was entirely healed!

       Thank you, Plainfield, for your dedication to Mrs. Eddy’s Christian Science, and for the prayers of the practitioner.  - E. B., Alabama


       The other day around noon, I was dragging and feeling extremely tired. I recognized this as a mesmeric suggestion, and as it says in James, “Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” With that, the dragging feeling dissipated and I felt like I was singing and dancing the rest of the day. Thank you, Plainfield practitioners, for the guidance that you provide us to show us the way we should go.

       Thank you, Plainfield Church, for the treasures on the web site to help us grow. In addition, thank you for the Lesson forum and Sunday classes. Without these, I know I would not have been watching.  - C. G., Wisconsin


       I’m very grateful for the very practical applications of Christian Science. Late Saturday evening, all of a sudden I had a lot of pain in one of my legs, so much so that it was difficult to walk. Because I couldn’t focus, I turned to Plainfield Church’s website and listened to the audio recording of Unity of Good, which is from Prose Works by Mary Baker Eddy. It was very comforting to be able to listen to the truths being spoken.

       The next afternoon, even though I was not in as much pain, I was still limping and not able to move around freely, so I called a practitioner from this church. I was told not to let myself be put under pressure, that I was the “humble servant of the restful Mind.” (S&H) I was also told to work with the statements on pages 390-393 in Science and Health — they are command statements, which really get you into action and not let you just sit and wait for something to get better! It really turns you completely to God where you can kick error out as the liar that it is.

       The next morning when I was working in the kitchen, I thought I must call the practitioner. As I reached my upstairs study, I realized that I had run up the stairs with no problem at all, and I have continued to be perfectly free.

       I also turned to an article in the November Cornerstone, “My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord,” which directs thought and action to consider the goodness of God and praise Him continually, with the result being “freedom and dominion over all things human.” (Mrs. Eddy) When we are working in this direction, we can overcome “all things human” and be a shining light for others as well.

       I am very grateful for all the sources in this church that make us better and help us to help others as well.  - D. W., Virginia


       This past Fall, I found the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent, and began working with a Plainfield practitioner concerning my life situation, which, I am grateful to say, has irreversibly turned my attitude and my life around.

       A couple of weeks ago I had my first physical healing in Christian Science. One morning I set out to do some shopping, though there was a light snow, which seemed to present no problem. However, there was a thin coat of ice in a parking lot, and I took a terrible fall. I tried to refuse mortal mind’s suggestions about the possible effects of the fall, but I could not get up because of the ice. Thankfully, immediately two ladies appeared on either side of me and helped me get up and walk to the sidewalk, asking if I had broken something. I thanked them for their help and said I was going to the shop across the street, which I did.

       However, I went home quite soon after that and immediately called my practitioner at Plainfield asking for her prayers. In the past few years I have had a couple of bad falls that have left me in a lot of pain. The practitioner was blessedly supportive and told me to work with two passages from Science and Health: “Accidents are unknown to God, or immortal Mind, and we must leave the mortal basis of belief and unite with the one Mind, in order to change the notion of chance to the proper sense of God’s unerring direction and thus bring out harmony. Under divine Providence there can be no accidents, since there is no room for imperfection in perfection.”

“When an accident happens, you think or exclaim, ‘I am hurt!’ Your thought is more powerful than your words, more powerful than the accident itself, to make the injury real.

“Now reverse the process. Declare that you are not hurt and understand the reason why, and you will find the ensuing good effects to be in exact proportion to your disbelief in physics, and your fidelity to divine metaphysics, confidence in God as All, which the Scriptures declare Him to be.”

The practitioner prayed for me and I held to those two statements in praying for myself, and I found from that time on I had absolutely no effect from the fall. I am very grateful to God for this healing, a totally new experience in Christian Science, deeply grateful for the work of the practitioner, and the wonderful network of companions in Christian Science at the Plainfield Church.  - F. M., Maryland


       I was scheduled to teach two hours of dance class in the afternoon and I was feeling very tired and depleted of energy and getting fearful about it. It was with the help of a practitioner in the Plainfield Church that I was able to “hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true” and to dwell in divine Mind, where there is only wholeness.

       About 30 minutes after speaking with the practitioner, I felt a peace come over me. My apprehension left. Later that day I danced as joyously and energetically as ever, a wonderful demonstration of the authority of Christian Science.

       It has been from the excellent teaching and lessons put out by the Plainfield Church that I have steadily apprehended more and more the importance of turning away from the senses and turning within to the “still small voice” where Truth speaks and knows no discord. For this I am eternally grateful.  - S. B., Canada


       From yesterday I have been working to get rid of a heavy feeling I’ve had since receiving the news of the passing of a loved one. Towards this morning after my watch, I felt a great sense of love for this individual, and some of the Truths I have learned about the belief of death were comforting.

       However, today certain thoughts kept coming and I could feel that heaviness again, so I talked with a practitioner from this church. What was said about loving this individual as he journeys on, plus the love and conviction with which it was said, is all I needed to hear. It woke me up from the selfishness of mourning and replaced it with the selflessness of blessing all involved with God’s dear love.

       I am grateful for that practitioner’s help because I feel free from that mournful, heavy sadness! Love indeed is the liberator, and I am very grateful to feel that.  - F. R., Georgia