Testimonies of Healing - November 2013 CornerStone

        Last week, I had a toothache. While listening to the Wednesday night testimony meeting, I heard something that changed my thought. One of the testifiers talked about the motive for healing. “Wow!” I thought, “what is my motive for having this toothache healed?” And I had to be honest with myself — my motive was to feel better. But, that testimony made me realize that it’s not about me. To God be the glory; Thy will,not mine be done. After listening to this testimony, I thought, “I want only what God wants — I want to glorify Him. I want understanding, growth in grace, and a closer walk with Him.” And before the meeting was over, the toothache was completely healed.

       I am so grateful for that testimony. For me, it was transformative. I’m grateful for all the testimonies. I am so grateful to God, for Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science, and for this church. For the first time in my life, I feel alive. I love you all!  - L. F., Maryland


       For a number of years I’ve experienced regular knee flareups as a result of a sports injury. For many years since the injury, I had to be cautious with the level of activity that I could do, or immediate pain would follow — if I walked up the stairs too much, tried to bicycle, etc. I never thought it would be possible to address the issue through Science, for in my mind I had such a strong visual of a knee structure, its problems, and all the history that goes along with it.

       One day during one of my flare-ups I had to call a Plainfield practitioner for help. I started telling him about my knee problem — how long it’s been going on, what caused it, what kind of activity I had to avoid, etc. He listened politely for a short time, and then stopped me and told me to stop rehearsing the material history and to turn away from it completely and think about my spiritual identity. I was reminded that in Science, I have only continued spiritual unfoldment and no material history. And what I am really dealing with is nothing other than a one-dimensional claim, an aggressive mental suggestion, that has no law, no cause, no substance to support it. God did not make a troubled knee, and it is my divine right to have freedom of mobility.

       I am grateful to report that for months now I am enjoying normal activities of bicycling and stair walking without any pain or flare-ups. I am grateful for the true Christian Science I found at Plainfield, grateful for the dedicated practitioner, and very grateful to see in my own experience that all things are possible to God, and He surely will never leave any of his children alone or stranded.  - L. C., New Jersey


       Some years ago I worried about everything. I remember in particular there was a saying that used to trouble me a lot. People would say: “opportunity knocks but once.”

       I would worry that if I did not respond in a certain way to what was considered an opportunity, I would miss that opportunity. And with that thought, I would blame myself, and go over it until I felt exhausted, sad, and at times downright depressed.

       I am so grateful for the strength and love with which Christian Science has been taught, and is being shared now in this church.

       It teaches me that God is giving all of us good at all times, and that if I keep my thoughts and motives right, if I want to do His will and seek His guidance, He will guide me and no opportunity can be lost.

       I am so grateful for this because it is so freeing to know that it is God who places me, it is God who adjusts my path, and if I just remain always wanting His will to be done in my life, then He will direct. I thank God; I thank Christ Jesus and Mrs. Eddy, and everyone who is contributing to share this Truth, this Holy Truth, to bless all mankind!  - F. R., Georgia


       If you can hear me right now, you would know the power of God is working through me at this very moment. I have a message for this church and for everyone involved with it: God is Love, and it is that Love that is reflected by each and every one of you that is enabling me to speak here tonight.

       Earlier this evening I had to reach out to a practitioner from this church. I was immediately comforted with a psalm and divine words. We talked for a while, and when I hung up the phone, the condition I believed myself to be in was put behind me. To everyone listening, I would like to say, Thank you for making it possible for me to overcome my fear of speaking in public.

       I am so grateful that I found this church and for the practitioner help I have received. - L. T., New York


       I’m thankful for the support of a Plainfield practitioner. A few weeks ago I was directed to write a new policy for the board where I work. In the past I would labor over the policy and look at it and correct it for several weeks. This time I relied on God, and wrote the policy in about an hour. It received only a few minor corrections. Without God’s help this would have been impossible.

       What a wonderful way of life!  - C. G., Wisconsin


       About a year ago, we received information that an acquaintance had been stricken ill with a disease, and the prognosis was that it was terminal. I wanted to do something for this person, but I didn’t know what to do, since he’s not a Christian Scientist; but I felt something should be done. It came to me to send him some cards and that this would at least lift his spirits. But it wasn’t the cards so much as what I put in the cards that made the difference. It was the calendar that the Plainfield Church publishes, with all the quotes on it. Every time I’d send him a card, I would cut off the date and include quotes from Mary Baker Eddy, Peter V. Ross, and others. And for the past almost year now, I have been sending him these cards and including these quotes in them, and I’ve received such gratitude from him and his wife for these quotes.

       This individual, the doctors have now told him, is out of the woods! His father apparently had the same illness when he was a young man and passed on from it. And now this man is doing extremely well. I know these quotes were a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. I thank you all so much for that.

       I just wanted you all to know what a fabulous job you are doing there, and how grateful I am for it. It is inspiring to all Christian Scientists. Being raised in the religion, I never saw or heard things like what comes from Plainfield Church.

       This has been such an inspiration to me.  - J. M., Georgia