Testimonies of Healing - September 2013 CornerStone

       About two months ago, I could not walk at all. I could not sit up in bed. I had pneumonia, my hands shook, and I could barely breathe. The pain was overwhelming. The doctors had told me, due to a back condition, I would soon be a cripple. I wanted to die, and even attempted suicide. In this miserable state I desperately reached out to a Plainfield practitioner.

       One of the things I was asked to do was to memorize the 91st Psalm, which I told her I could not do. The practitioner said if I could remember such ugly things from my past, why was it that I could not remember the Word of God?! So I memorized the 91st Psalm and took the deep truths of this psalm into my heart and soul. I began to replace all the constant negativity streaming through my head with the truth about God and His creation. Little by little, I began to feel much better.

       A little over two weeks later, I was out working in the hot sun doing manual labor — digging up a foundation and making a deck cover for a ceramic shop I am building. I was rejoicing in this wonderful Truth called Christian Science. I needed a medical exam in order to go back to work, and the doctors were amazed at what happened. I told them I believed in the power of prayer. Christ is the one thing I have been in need of, and I have a great Christ for my need! It was only by the power of Christ that this healing could have transpired.

       I am so very grateful for the help of this practitioner, who awakened me to God’s tremendous love and healing power. I am so grateful for the Christ Truth that is expressed in this independent church, and for Mrs. Eddy giving to us this wonderful Science. I pray that this healing will help and inspire others.  - L. T., New York


       I just would like to say how grateful I am to be alive right now. It wasn’t long ago that I sort of reached the end of my path, and I turned to God and He found a way to help me and bring me to a better place, and I am very grateful for that.  - J. P., New Jersey


       We recently added some computers at the facility where I work. Usually I do all the setup, but the new tech decided to help and do it. He let me know the passwords and since they were very easy, I put off changing them until I learned the new operating system.

       A few days later I needed to do some maintenance on the computers and couldn’t remember the password. Since it was after hours, the tech was not available. But, rather than getting upset, I knew there was one Mind, God, and I reflected that Mind. Mind doesn’t forget so how can I?

       It was late, so I went home. When I woke the next morning, the password just came to me and I was able to finish the work. I am grateful for all that I am learning from the Bible Study and Roundtable, and for help I have been receiving from a practitioner.  - C. G., Wisconsin


       God has truly blessed me. I was in the mental darkness of what is called clinical depression with several hospital bouts over the last five years, though I had been a student of Christian Science for some thirty years, belonging to two different Christian Science churches. I could not say I was a Christian Scientist, because obviously I was not succeeding.

       Last year I had the great good fortune of finding the Plainfield Christian Science Church, Independent on the internet. Being generously welcomed and working with a practitioner there, I found the spirit of the truth that had been missing, and my life rather quickly began to turn around. And I can say that I am now, despite continuing challenges of situation, truly filled with joy. On a recent Roundtable discussion about what it is to be a Christian Scientist, I felt afterwards somehow my thought had been lifted to a new level of understanding of how we live and move and have our being in God.

       This afternoon when I left the dentist after a cleaning check, she said to me, “You’re my last patient today and you’ve make a good one for me, because of your bright, shining smile.” Thank God for this healing of depression, the prayers of the practitioner, and for all I am learning in the Plainfield Church.  - F. M., Maryland


       A few years ago, I began to experience hot flashes. I realized there was something to learn here, so I asked God to show me what I needed to know. The thought came that all I can ever feel is the warmth of God’s love — and that can only bless me! I also remembered Hymn No. 148, which says, “In heavenly love abiding, no change my heart shall fear; and safe is such confiding for nothing changes here.” I am a spiritual idea of God, and that can never change!

       My whole attitude toward the experience changed. I no longer felt disturbed about it, but instead, stood strong with these truths every time a flash would try to intrude. They became progressively less and less, and within just a few weeks, completely disappeared.

       I am so grateful that each situation that arises is an opportunity to learn more of God and His creation. Thank God for Mary Baker Eddy, who gave us this wonderful Science. It truly does meet every need.  - C. C., New Jersey


       Recently I was having a wonderful day till I became aware of a pain in my back between the shoulder blades. I called a practitioner from our church for prayerful help, and then sat down to read in Science and Health, “Mental Treatment Illustrated.” Quite suddenly I realized that the pain was gone and has not returned.

       I am so grateful for this rapid and complete healing work of the practitioner.  - J. D., Arizona


       The other evening, out of the blue, something snapped in my knee. The pain was extreme, though I knew it was a lie and didn’t belong to me. In a very short time I realized I needed help and called my practitioner in Plainfield. As usual, always on duty, she started working immediately. She gave me a few hymns and citations to work with and, in spite of some pain, I was able to sleep through the night.

       I couldn’t walk the next day, but the pain subsided a great deal. The day was much better, and the practitioner continued to help me as I prayed and studied. The following day I was walking and leaping and praising God. I even danced a little, with such joy and gratitude.

       I find with every healing that I always receive added blessings — instruction and, oh yes, needed correction also. How great it is to have someone talk to you, expressing divine Love, and opening your eyes to things that either you didn’t know or have forgotten.

       I love Christian Science with all my heart, and thank you all at Plainfield for keeping it alive.  -B. B., Illinois