Instructional Testimonies Given by Florence Roberts.



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FR Testimonies

Abscessed Tooth Healed 030117
All Can Be Free 120716
All For His Glory 111115
All Working With Love For God 041019
Always Comforted By God 091317
Always Doing With God 010919
As His Reflection 110216
As You Will, God 072617
Awaking With Truth 032515
Be Assured, He Is Over All 061219
Be Convinced of Gods Allness 032217
Be Still and Trust 080217
Be Thou My Vision 122017
Being My True Self 121317
Blessing All Mankind 020117
Blessing One And All 052015
Bringing Our All 030817
Calmness Due To Right Knowing 052219
Calmness With God 022818
Caring For One Another 122116
Cherish His Grace 071316
Claim Your Christ Consciousness 012517
Compassion Not Sympathy 100715
Compassion Uplifts 100417
Correct Identity 072215
Deeply Grateful 110916
Destruction of Sin is True Forgiveness 052318
Divine Love Gives Power 102517
Do Not Give Error Life, a testimony
Do Not Be Controlled 100516
Do Not Lose Your Calm 062117
Do Not Resist The Truth 061318
Dont Fear Fear It Is Not From God 020718
Dont Rush Turn To God 111616
Dont hammer Error, See Its Nothingness 070418
Endure The Trials 092618
Eternally Grateful 032818
Face The Foe With God 082317
Faith In God Gives Peace 101418
Faith not Fear 061516
First To Honor God 071818
Floodtides of Love 070115
Freedom From God 121218
Freedom Through Christian Science 030619
Gaining Light Through Prayer 071515
Give All To Gods Perfect Plan 112518
God, Our Comfort, Our All 051816
God, Our Ready Helper 121918
God, Our True Employer 010318
God, Spirit Is All, Matter Is Unreal 011018
God Has The Answer 062415
God Has The Perfect Plan 060315
God The Source of All Good 091615
God With Us 081215
God does answer sincere prayer 092017
Gods Power Frees Us 041118
Gods Time 061015
Gods day His plan 081915
Gods plan or my plan 042617
Grateful For Mrs Eddys Writings 021517
Healing Truth For All Mankind 112917
Heed Truths Messages 111815
Help Our Worlds Salvation 083017
Help Us To Endure 091918
Humbly Trust And Expect Good 010616
Humility Brings Peace 010219
I Am A God At Hand 102214
I Am Worthy 113016
In Every Hour 030916
It Is God Working 020817
Just For The Love Of God 040517
Just Grateful To God 091416
Just Trust 092717
KNOWING Gods Supremacy Protects 103118
Keeping Thought Pure 090915
Know Who You Are 071917
Lean on God Always 102815
Let God 060116
Let God 123114
Let God Govern 041316
Lets Do Our Part 101216
Lets Stay Inspired 121416
Lets Use The Kingdom Within Us 062817
Life Is Eternal 062018
Listen and Obey 051116
Listening Quietly Is Prayer 032118
Living Christian Science 060717
Living Love 110117
Lord, Open Thou My Eyes 091218
Love, Forgive, Be Free 032917
Love And Live 052516
Love Can Heal It All 050918
Love Forever Near 012716
Loves All Power 120915
Loving God And Man 083116
Loving In Thought, Word and Deed 110718
Loving Truly 031418
Loyalty Bears Fruit 061715
Make Decisions With God 093015
Many Blessings 042716
Mind Detects The Lie 020316
My Completeness 102616
Never Panic 040815
No Lack When God Places Us 101718
No Relapses 110514
Nothing Between Us and Our Good 022019
Nothing Beyond Gods Control 060816
Nothing Destroys Truth 081617
Obey The 8th Commandment 032019
Obey and Rejoice 101817
Obeying Love Thy Neighbor Heals 041217
One Father of All 062718
Only Love Wins Them 092816
Onward and Upward As A Law 072016
Our Comforter Is Ever At Hand 120617
Our Dominion From God 050615
Our God Is Just 080917
Out of Bondage With Understanding 122717
Overcoming Temptations 070815
Patient Expectation From God 012418
Peace From God 121615
Peace Through Patience 090215
Peace With Truth 012319
Perfect Assurance 101415
Persist On The Right Side 070616
Practice Consistency 011415
Pressing On 111517
Put Your Truth Armor On 050218
Quiet On The Bus 121014
Real Peace From God Alone 052417
Remember God is The Only Power 082918
Right Thinking For Right Living 022217
Right Thinking Increases Spiritual Sense 011619
Safe In God 041818
Salvation Our Mission and Purpose 072518
Sharing Our Joy Gives Hope 082218
Sincere gratitude is love for God 042915
Sources Of Comfort 112316
Stand with Truth 011316
Staying Grateful Has Rewards 040319
Staying Under His Government 081716
Stop Slowing Your Healing 062216
Stopping Error 010715
Surrender To Gods Care 013118
Thankful For Finding This Website 100318
The Power And Authority of God Are Near 021319
The Comfort of His Power 053018
The Comfort of Truth 042419
The Consciousness of Love 090716
The Power of Right Thinking 030415
The Unlimited Source of Supply 010417
To Be Always In Gods Presence 051618
True Humility Gives Strength 112217
Trust Your Desires With God 042518
Trusting All To God 031616
Trusting Gods Protection 070517
Truth Works in A Receptive Heart 030718
Truth comes When Needed 080515
Turn To God First 101018
Unceasing Prayer Protects 081518
Unceasing Prayer Sustains Our Peace 022719
Unchanging Truth 081016
Uncover Error As A Lie 033016
Understanding Gives Light 011718
Unity By Seeing Correctly 011817
Use The Truth You Know 051717
Wait on God with Faith 050119
We Can Reject Pain 060519
We Can Resist Temptation 013019
We Have Dominion 021716
We Must Question Fear 110817
When I Put God First 031815
Where is God in All This 051017
Yes God Loves Me 021115
Yielding To God Gives Rest 071118
You Are Worthy 020619