LISTENING TO GOD


                                                                         Gilbert Carpenter



將會聽到上帝的音,如果他想求和努力取的到,但他是有意的做直到需求出,他是不自的。到自己從來不知道的音,那他知道是上帝通說話。所以,尋聽見神的音而到,不要失望。    每天打你的思想努力上帝和你說話,如果你有意這樣做,你不到它或者甚至意這點時機成熟的夠賦予它,了解神在,相信它是被記錄在你的頭腦,奠定財寶在天上,你的屬靈悟,適當時機來時,你就能分給別人,知道上帝一直在,你就能對別

If you ever expect to hear the voice of God, you must accept the proposition that His voice is now sending out its messages continuously, and doing this because you possess a capacity to hear it.  No one can rob you of that, and the reason you do not hear it is because of your lack of focusing your attention on that fact, by letting other things occupy your thought.

Man does receive and hear the voice of God when he seeks it and makes the effort to gain it, but he is not conscious of having done so until a need arises.  When he voices that which he himself never knew, then he knows that it is God talking through him.  So when you seek to hear God’s voice and do not seem to do it, do not be disappointed.  Every day make the effort to open your thought and let God talk to you, and if you are not conscious of His doing so, if you do not hear it with your material ears or are even conscious of it with your conscious thought, take it on good faith.  Believe that it is being recorded on the tablet of your mind, that you are laying up treasure in heaven, in your spiritual consciousness, and when the right time comes you will be able to give it out, and know what God has been saying to you, by what you say to another.