God with us 神與我們同在

你要知道上帝是每一分鐘與你同在,在看似黑暗的時刻當歧途和誘惑想毀滅你,不喪膽,知道人 是由上帝主宰,真理是唯一可以聼到的聲音. 過去只是一個謊言, 任何聲稱己経発生的是沒有真理的存在. 一直並將永遠是,只有永恆的現在. 記住世上只有好的 ,那你將會與神融合,和諧將是心然的結果. 從每一次經歷中都拿出最多的勇氣,那權力將是你的. 去吧!親愛的朋友,證明你是上帝的孩子, 你所說和做的,必須出自忠實的信念,那成功將會是你的. 基督教真理帶來永生不朽的光,當錯誤出現時,它就會消失,精神上固守著神,只有正念,然念 正就會打消錯誤的想法,這將免除你進入錯誤. 上帝的法律是唯一存在的法律.這是宣告対抗邪惡為你唯一力量. 讓你的事業,常規,和命運和任 何的悪法沒有糾葛.如果預到逆境的角落.你不知道該走那條路.絶對只聽神的話語,忠誠的聲明它. 知道它不能孤立無效.未來的事情.得救是一個必然的結果,即使他似乎延遲,正確的思想必會顯明 出來. 在任何時候和地方都要表現快樂,記住這是你的權力和義務.你欠自己和你的神,保留該權利,無 論心智怎広大聲喧叫.抑鬱症不屬於上帝的孩子,而也不是真實白.不能影響一個人當他的意念是正 確的. 忠實你所說和所做的一切,成功將屬於你的.

Try to be conscious that God is with you every moment; and in the seemingly dark hours when error screams to be heard and would tempt you to your destruction, faint not, and know that man is governed alone by God, and Truth is the only voice to be heard. The past is a lie; there is no truth in anything that is claiming to have happened. There is, and has been, and always will be, only the eternal now. Remember only the good, then you will be communing with God, and harmony will be the inevitable result. Take courage from every experience, and power will be yours. Go on, dear friends, and prove that you are the children of Him who cares for His own. Be faithful to Principle in all you say and do, and success will be yours. Christian Science brings to light immortality. When error appears, it appears to disappear. Mentally cling to God, Good, to the true idea about the false claim, and this will save you from error. The law of God is the only law that exists. Declare against any power of evil being ordained for you. Release your own career, routine, and destiny from any and all entanglements of evil law. If pressed into the corner of adversity and you do not know which way to turn, go on. Utter God’s word; declare it faithfully, knowing it cannot turn unto itself void. The coming of deliverance is an inevitable event, even if it seems delayed, for right thought must manifest itself. Be happy at all times and in all places; for remember it is your right and a duty you owe yourself and to your God to retain that right, no matter how loudly the senses scream. Depression belongs not to the child of God neither is it real, nor can it affect one when his motives are right. Be faithful to Principle in all you say and do, and success will be yours.

Edward A. Kimball 愛德華,金博爾