Teleconference Information

Dialing in to the church teleconference line

Before joining the teleconference, be sure there is no extraneous sounds that would interfere, such as TV, dogs barking, etc. Also be sure to turn down any device that might be playing the same event that you are calling in to.

When ready, call 1-888-919-0649

Then, you are in the call!

If you are placed on mute at anytime, and would like to offer a comment during the Bible Study or Roundtable, or are calling in to give a testimony on Wednesday, please dial ** and you will be unmuted.


For International Callers

If you are an internation caller, please click here for information on numbers that will connect you in to our teleconference at local rates.


Troubleshooting for Participants

If you have an issue connecting with the conference:
Try the alternate phone number: 908-768-2169.
If you still can’t connect, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and give an explanation of the problem so that we can work toward a solution. Thank you.