Instructional Testimonies Given by Mary Beth Singleterry.


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MBS Testimonies

007 From Plainfield NJ 021313
A Bit of History 092017
A God of Love 101117
A Healing of Nameless Anxiety 082218
A Pure and Righteous Prayer 081518
A Simple Faith 090716
A Sound Mind 030508
All Things Working Together for Good 011316
Alone With God is Never Lonely 082416
Angels 101613
As a Little Child 090915
Asking in His Name 122017
Aspirations Pure and Godward 062514
a false trust 072016
Be Careful for Nothing 032316
Be Not Afraid of Their Faces 120209
Be Thou Removed 011718
Be What God Made 112013
Be a Terror to Error 080917
Believing in God 100814
Bring the Wanderer Back by Love 092816
But A Light Thing in the Sight of the Lord 050918
By the Grace of God 020619
Carry a Faith Lighted Candle 101712
Cast Your Burden on the Lord 012319
Come Out From the Darkness 022614
Commit Thy Ways 110211
Conquering Fear 051618
Cowardice Never Conquers
Daily Supplies 010318
Daily Watching 091615
Daniels Answer to the King 042716
Dealing With the Past 010919
Dealing with Discouragement 030916
Dealing with Stress 111517
Decision Making 012517
Demand the Blessing 120512
Diminish Until They Finally Disappear 062718
Discord Not Normal 061213
Dispel the Darkness 110613
Does God Create Evil 031517
Dont Become a Sluggard in the Race 010715
Dont Dwell in Solitude 020514
Dont be Mesmerized 012914
Each Day I Pray 112917
Effective Prayer 032917
Error is a Coward Before Truth 052417
Every Season Belongs to God 013118
Evil has no Past nor Presence 092618
Expect God to Heal 032713
Expect to be Healed 012418
Expectation from the Lord 010616
Failure Impossible With God 040616
Feel Gods Presence 082212
Feeling Gods Love for You 012716
Feeling the Presence of God 012115
Find Your Happiness 082813
Find Your Purpose in Working For God 071713
Finding All Presence, Certainty and Position in God 031319
Finding Peace of Mind 080217
Finding Yourself in God 110415
Forget Not the Lord Thy God 122816
From Darkness to Light 090413
From Glory unto Glory 120716
From Jihadist to Christian 061516
Get Connected with God 080112
Give of Your Light 051017
Giving a Treatment 101911
God Delivers us From All Our Fears 021319
God Given Immunity 021418
God Hath Not Given Us the Spirit of Fear 110117
God Requires the Past 123114
God Restores the Years the Locust Hath Eaten 090215
God Will Make a Way in the Wilderness 033016
God the Only Attraction 020613
Gods Law of Divine Justice 110216
Gods Obedient Creation 061317
Gods Protecting Power 101415
Gratitude Brings Deep Joy 050113
Handle Contagion 011613
Handle the Negative Expectations 103112
Handling Opposition 071311
Handling the Weather 091714
Headaches Healed 041013
Healing of Cancer 080509
Healing of Claustrophobia 060513
Healing of Cold 091912
Healing of Depression 070815
Healing of Dread 052213
Healing of Menstrual Cramps 022410
Healing of Pneumonia 091113
Hearing Gods Voice 021016
Helpful Instruction from Mrs Eddy 121317
His Own Purpose and Grace 113016
Hitherto Hath the Lord Helped Us 050218
How Not To Pray Amiss Testimony 101211
How to Feel Gods Love 012214
How to Handle Animal Magnetism 032019
How to Hear Gods Messages 051116
How to Receive the Divine Power 050615
Hunger and Thirst After God 070214
I Am the Spot Where God Shines Through 030117
I Need Thee Every Hour 020117
I Pray Thee Open his Eyes 093015
If Thou Wilt Be Perfect 011117
If thou seek Him, He will be found of thee 121918
In God We Trust 042215
In the Hour of Woe 060717
Infused by the Holy Spirit 080316
Inheriting All Good from God 041917
Is it a Thought From God 061715
Keep Your Joy 030514
Keeping Your Poise 072716
Keys to Making Progress 120413
Learning to Love 101916
Let the Redeemed of the Lord Say So 030911
Letter From New Member 070313
Lifes Purpose 041713
Listening for Gods Voice 072915
Live Life Fearlessly 092513
Lives of Quiet Desperation 071614
Living a Consecrated Life 010511
Living in the Present 091317
Love in Action 121014
Loves Tender Lesson 040115
Loyalty to God 080515
Make Science and Health Available 040214
Making Decisions 111914
Moral and Spiritual Law 061913
Mrs Eddy and Einstein 011018
Mrs Eddys Death Bed testimony 030619
Nobody Has Power Over You 102313
Nothing Impossible to God 090518
Nothing Inharmonious Can Enter Being 110817
Obedience to Truth Gives Man Power and Strength 041515
One On Gods Side 073014
One Thing Have I Desired 070616
One Wise Man Saved a City 082113
Our Intelligence Comes from God 112518
Overcoming Evil With Good 102611
Overcoming Fear 010913
Overcoming Opposition 080818
Persistence Wins the Prize 042016
Prayer For Our Children 013013
Prayers for our Children 022118
Praying for Loved Ones 062415
Praying for Those in Authority 020316
Praying for Your Home 060816
Preparing for Wednesday 100114
Presence,Certainty,Position 030409
Presence, Certainty, and Position 071917
Present Your Bodies a Living Sacrifice 070517
Pride 111611
Pride Healed 100213
Pride Ruled my Will 022515
Progress is Gods Law 042617
Radiate Dont Absorb 121813
Reinstate Primitive Christianity 061814
Reminisces About Mrs Eddy 071217
Seeing Our Possessions as Spiritual 032515
Serve One Another 103013
Sharing the Truth 071818
Slow Healing 012010
Some Thoughts About Body 111815
Songs in the Night 111616
Soul-filled Years 123015
Spiritual Footsteps 091813
Spiritualism 022311
Statement from the First Edition 062514
Stronger than the Might of Empires 042915
Study to Be Quiet 020817
Thanksgiving gratitude 112714
The Angel of His Presence 091615
The Antidote for Worry 032719
The Antidote to All Problems 011514
The Danger of Human Harmony 091411
The Danger of Ruminating 010213
The Danger of Taking Offense 051717
The Definition of God 070115
The Definition of God 101018
The Eternal Truth 111010
The First Commandment is my Favorite Text 082918
The Great I Am 062817
The Guest of God 062613
The Healing Potions of God 022019
The Healing Power of the Book Science and Health 112515
The Healing of Racial Prejudice 081716
The Highest and Sweetest Rest 110718
The Image of Love 052015
The Importance of Mrs Eddys Example 040418
The Importance of Thanksgiving 112317
The Importance of Unity 092414
The Importance of Watching 082615
The Importance of a Good Example 040418
The Importance of an Exalted Purpose 091918
The Importance of the Bible 030415
The Joy of The Lord 120915
The Lord will Perfect that which Concerneth Me 060618
The Operation of the Divine Law 041719
The Patient Gardener 082317
The Power of A Right Idea 121113
The Power of Forgiveness 052318
The Power of Praise 100516
The Power of a Kind Word 010114
The Prayer of Affirmation 050416
The Psychologist and the Magician 101514
The Recuperative Action 100715
The Ring of Fire 110514
The Shrinking Thought 102115
The Spirit of Victory 052511
The Streams of Love 102914
The Titanic Power of God 122618
The beautiful, good, and pure 111214
This place has changed hands 082714
Thorn in Your Side 071515
Three Powerful Statements from Christ Jesus 100318
Time Not Toxic 051816
To Live With God 022818
Treatment for Obedient Children 121511
Unfoldment Not Accretion 053117
Unselfed Service 010814
Unwillingness to learn all things rightly 112614
Wait for Your Reward 102418
What Are You Believing to be True 062916
What Doth the Lord Require of Thee 010417
What is Animal Magnetism 043014
What is Gratitude 021815
When Your Prayer is Unanswered 032118
Yielding to His Eternal Presence 030817
You are Important to God 120215
You are Not a Helpless Victim 072215
You will receive what you believe 091416
Your Background 030718
Your Divine Destiny 011415